Woodland Youth Wrestling

2019 Season

Youth Season starts the first week in January. 


Please have your wrestler in proper attire including shorts/sweats, t-shirt with your name on it preferred, and wrestling shoes. No street clothes or shoes to practice. Please see Coach Nick if you need gear. Head gear optional. Don't forget to bring a water bottle clearly marked with your name.

All payments can be made on first practice Tuesday,January 2nd 2018.
FEE includes a T-shirt for each wrestler
1 wrestler = $60
2 wrestlers = $80
3 wrestlers = $100
See coach if more than 3 wrestlers per household.


About Youth Wrestling

Youth Wrestling here in Woodland has been around for many years. It is for wrestlers grades Kindergarten to 6th Grade. Wrestlers have duels with teams from all over the area in Cowlitz County. The season lasts from January to February  culminating with a League Tournament the weekend after the Washington HS State Championships.


During the season wrestlers practice three times a week when scheduling allows. During practices, wrestlers are instructed basic fundamental moves that will help them succeed in the sport for years to come. We also focus on cardiovascular fitness, various games and team building exercises.


Dual matches are run much like middle school and high school matches. There are two to three teams present. Each wrestler wrestles two matches per night. There are times when match ups can't be made but it is rare. Wrestlers are paired based on age, weight, and skill level.

The end of the season includes a district meet. There is a JV tournament and a Varsity tournament. Each tournament allows wrestlers to compete for a chance at first place. You can also sign up and compete at the USA Folk-style State Championships. Your wrestler would wrestle at the dome the day after WIAA Wrestling State Tournament.

Female Wrestling

Woodland believes in furthering the sport of female wrestling. We support and encourage females to participate. Each dual match females are allowed to wrestle against boys if they want to but are not required. Many teams in the league are developing their female squads so there are often opponents from other teams at each dual.

Youth Wrestling Event Calendar

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