Woodland Middle School Wrestling


Woodland's Middle School wrestling team has been on the rise for many years. With the help of Joe Bosch Sr. and many others the team has become a fierce competitor in the league. The team averages between 30 and 50 wrestlers.

The Season

The middle school season begins in October every year and ends at the beginning of December. Wrestlers are required to comply with Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association guidelines requiring minimum academic standards and competition stipulations.


Wrestlers practice daily after school. Practices typically last 1-2 hrs. We teach fundamental moves and begin to introduce more advances techniques to help them succeed at the next level. We work hard to teach sound cardiovascular health as well as developing healthy lifestyle habits.


Each season ends with a district tournament where wrestlers battle it out for the league title as individuals and teams.

Female Wrestling

Woodland believes in furthering the sport of female wrestling. We support and encourage females to participate. Each dual match females are allowed to wrestle against boys if they want to but are not required. Many teams in the league are developing their female squads so there are often opponents from other teams at each dual. Females also have their own district tournament separate from the boys.

2018 Season

Start date Oct. 22nd 2018

Sign ups will be available approx. 2 weeks prior to the first practice.

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