Woodland HS Wrestling

Woodland HS wrestling has a long tradition of excellence and sportsmanship. In recent years Woodland has be gaining momentum in the sport. The teams have gotten larger and the program has grown past the boarders of scholastic sports.

The Season

The high school season begins in November and finishes in February. Post season(districts, regionals, and state) can run into March. Wrestlers are required to comply with Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association guidelines requiring minimum academic standards and competition stipulations.


Wrestlers practice daily after school. Practices typically last 2-3 hrs. We focus on fundamental technique. As the season progresses technique becomes more advanced and practices become more intense but in shorter duration.


Woodland Washington Wrestling State Team
2019 State Team

Once competitions begin there are duals every weeks as well as tournaments on Saturdays. The high school season typically has 16 events offering wrestlers the opportunity for 30+ matches in a season.

We have a Varsity, JV and Girls Varsity squads. During duals all team members participate throughout the evening. On tournament days the team splits and each squad goes to a competition. The offers many opportunities not just for Boys Varsity but for all team members.

Female Wrestling

Woodland believes in furthering the sport of female wrestling. We support and encourage females to participate. Each dual match females are allowed to wrestle against boys if they want to but are not required. Many teams in the league are developing their female squads so there are often opponents from other teams at each dual.

We do our best to offer as many female only events as possible to prepare our wrestlers for the road to state. Many tournaments have a female focus and a boys JV side focus. As the sport grows we'll be able to have more female only tournaments.

Once post season starts females separate completely from the males. They have their own district, regional, and state tournaments.

2019-20 Season

Start Date Nov. 18th 2018

Sign-ups will be available approx. 2 weeks prior to the first practice.

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