To build a great program you need a team of dedicated coaches and helpers.


We encourage parents to be involved at all levels of our sport. The saying “It takes a village to make a warrior.” rings true in wrestling. There are many avenues to help out.

Youth Level

At the youth level we require a USA Coaches card to be an active coach. The card requires a background check and takes up to two weeks to complete. It also provides the coach with $100,000 in insurance for all practices and events. A good thing to have. More than just coaches are needed. We need help setting up, taking down, and running dual meets at our home turf. The best way to help out in that aspect is to communicate with the Head Coach.

MS and HS Level

At the MS and Youth Levels Coaches are required to complete the volunteer package dictated by our school district. This includes having a valid CPR/ First Aid card, background check, and various online safety training courses. Again there are other ways to help. Setting up, taking down, and running mats all take people. We would love your help. Contact your teams head coach for info on where you can help.

As always practices are open to all parents to spectate.